the music.

Before I tell the story of how this project has begun... let me tell you, the music is on its way! 

The Story

In 2018, I unsuccessfully attempted to fully fund an acoustic or full band album through an IndieGogo campaign with rewards of CD's. This was disheartening, but I learned a lot about how the goods of the music industry are consumed in modern music. I had a choice, give up on this project or adapt and overcome.  

With the help of some side investors, I was able to fund a new kind of project... one not based on an album, but of "Song Packs"... these 3 Song Packs will be digitally distributed, with the initial funds from both the IndieGogo campaign and the side investors going towards the ongoing production of music... (No More Campaigns)

There will be full studio recorded packs. There will be acoustic style in home packs. There will be live music packs. I expect the first Song Pack to be released May of 2019. As I try to innovate and creatively navigate creating this music, I want to thank those that have stuck by me and personally invested in seeing this music see the light of day.

video clips.

Original Music

Live Performance of "Let's not be Friends" Video

in the darkest nights Video

National Anthem // Patriotic

Los Angeles Rams National Anthem 2018 Video

God Bless America Practice 2018 Video

Star Spangled Banner Full Band  Video

San Diego Gulls National Anthem 2019 Video